What are the impacts of climate change on maple syrup production and can we manage for them?

On December 15th, 2017, ACERnet presented a special track of talks and discussions at the Forest Ecosystem and Monitoring Cooperative Conference in Burlington, Vermont on 'What are the impacts of … [Read more...]

Warm February + Cold March = Average Sap Season by April

Ask a sugar maker if they think it will be a good season in February or March and they are likely to say, "Ask me in May." There's a good reason for that, and this year's season is exhibit A. A … [Read more...]

A photo-a-day in 2017

I made a New Year's resolution to take a photo-a-day in 2017. So far, so good. I'll add galleries by the month here.   … [Read more...]

Early Tapping at Harvard Forest

While the snow and cold has finally arrived, warm temperatures last week started sap flowing in Massachusetts. I tapped the trees on February 1, the earliest I’ve tapped by more than 2 weeks, and … [Read more...]

ACERnet funded by NE CSC

Acer Climate and Socio-Ecological Research Network (ACERnet) is an international group of scientists dedicated to advancing our understanding of sugar maple ecology and management of maple species  in … [Read more...]

Bullard Fellowship at Harvard Forest

In September I began a 1-year fellowship at Harvard Forest. The Bullard Fellowship program enables mid-career scientists the opportunity to pursue research or other activities on forest related … [Read more...]

Maple sap is flowing at Harvard Forest

Tapping started about 3 weeks later than usual at Harvard Forest this year due to cold temperatures. I tapped the trees on March 9th. Early flows were light, but now the sap is flowing well. The … [Read more...]

In the New York Times

The New York Times published an article, The Bloom is On for Maple Syrup, in their Science Times section today. The article describes my research which was published in the journal Forest Ecology and … [Read more...]

Stochastic life-history theory

Life-history theory states that organisms should solve trade-offs in resource use to maximize fitness. My theoretical research focuses on plant life-history evolution in the context of environmental … [Read more...]

Masting, forest productivity, and maple sugaring

One particularly interesting life-history strategy is masting, the episodic and synchronous production of seeds over large geographic areas. Masting is hypothesized to improve fitness via economies of … [Read more...]