Masting and mortality in white bark pine

Whitebark pine is a masting species of high elevation forest ecosystems in western North America. Whitebark pine is a foundation species in high elevation forests because it facilitates stand … [Read more...]

Microclimate and plant performance across an elevation gradient in the eastern Andes

The eastern Andes have one of the longest continuously forested elevational gradients in the world. I have been studying this extraordinarily diverse ecosystem with colleagues in the Andes … [Read more...]

Article on the effect of masting on maple syrup production published in Forest Ecology and Management

The article Maple syrup production declines following masting was published online in Forest Ecology and Management on October 27, 2014.  In the article, I show with co-author Elizabeth Crone  that … [Read more...]

Article on epiphyte response to climate change published in F1000Research

F1000Research highlighted my article on the response of epiphytes to drought and experimental warming. The paper, with co-author Miles Silman, was published in F1000Research on June 6, 2014. We … [Read more...]

NSF publishes press release highlighting research on Whitebark Pine

The National Science Foundation published a press release on June 10, 2013 highlighting my research on whitebark pine. In the paper, published in the Journal of Ecology, co-authors Eliot McIntire and … [Read more...]